I spent almost 8 years after college working for one company. I had a chance to work my way up and grow my skillset while traveling all over the US. First in management, then sales & marketing. During the last 6 of those years I ran my own mobile app & marketing company on the side, generating over a million downloads. We also built software for other app developers and had a variety of courses to help them market their own profitable apps.

Eventually, I left the corporate gig to run that app / software company full time. 2.5 years later I sold most of my apps / software and realized MARKETING was the common dominator for my successes and failures. With both the good and bad, all previous endeavors included tests that helped me figure out what worked. I spent a lot of my own money on paid traffic generating revenue for our apps and software. Marketing allowed me grow quickly and most importantly, learn by doing. I spent more on ads than an expensive 4-year degree would cost now. You could say I paid for my education while earning a living.

Marketing is my passion and what I always looked forward to doing on all my projects. I decided to dive in full time by starting, OMarketer. We focus on getting businesses (of all sizes), more leads, and convert them into new customers and sales. We look at how to generate the best quality leads for a competitive price. Depending on the business niche and its goals, we provide a variety of extra services that can turn the initial leads into an evergreen funnel of sales. These services include: email / text automation, sales funnels, follow up sequences, leveraging social media & referral programs. If you have a business that has great products / services, but just need more sales from new and existing customers, let’s chat and see if we can help. Thanks!

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-Todd Smith
Owner of OMarketer
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