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How To Get More Real Estate Clients – Hot Referrals With Incentives

Want Hot Real Estate Referals? ???? I know you are already thinking….”I already get referrals”. I’m not talking about your co-worker’s brother’s neighbor Jim. Let me explain how to get more of them then you thought possible. Using a little incentive, some video content and automation you can turn 1 satisfied client into an evergreen supplier […]

Social Media Management vs. Social Media Advertising

I see a lot of misinformation about these topics so I wanted to shed some light on the differences and you can decide what is best for your business. The above picture should give you a preview of where I’m headed with this post. Do you want more likes or more sales? Focusing on more sales […]

Why We Will Exceed Reasonable Limits & Standards For You!

If there’s somebody else that’s reached out to do work for your business and they seem more passionate about it than us, I would be very surprised. We started as a small bootstrapped agency using the skills we acquired while growing our other businesses. (Note on picture: This was me taking time to tweak a […]

How Effective Digital Marketing Can Increase Your Sales

Let’s get back to the basics for a second. Maybe I should call it the fundamentals. When you were a kid, did you have a sports coach that kept telling you to focus on the fundamentals? Basketball example: They told you to work on your foul shots and all you wanted to do was shoot […]