How To Get More Real Estate Clients – Nurturing Leads With Value

I’m not talking about putting a lead into your CRM to know when you should follow up with text, email, phone, fb messenger, etc. I’m talking about having them put into a content automation that serves them VALUE! 

(The CRM side of things is talked about in another video. Click here to check it out.

If you serve value (especially consistently over time) you begin to be more of an authority. Why does that matter?

Because some leads may not be ready to do anything today, next week, or even 6 months from now. Maybe they have some personal matters to take care of and some of those include setting themselves up for a relocation or fixing up odds and ends around their current house to get max value. 

For example, if they aren’t ready to speak with an agent / broker but know they do have to fix some things up around the house before they sell…getting an email from you talking about:

“5 things to fix on your house before you list it….that will save you thousands!”

“Best home improvements under $1,000 that can return 5x when you sell!”

“Best neutral colors paint your family room and kitchen that buyers will love!”

You get the point. 

Want big bonus points? Take a few of the ideas above (or your own) and do a quick video walking through a recently listed / sold house that used your tips and what it looks like. 

Could be a simple as turning your phone around and doing a selfie style video walking through a room or talking with a current client that took your advice!

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1.) Generate Exclusive Qualified Leads
2.) Lead Hand-Off From Home-base (We Can Handle or Train Staff)
3.) Quick Follow Up System (We Can Advise)
4.) Backend Lead Nurturing (We Setup To Convert More Leads Into Clients)
5.) CRM Setup / Management
6.) Pour More Leads Into The Funnel

*Bonus Items*
A. Referral Program (One That Actually Drives Action)
B. CRM Training
C. Listing Ads
D. Video Content
E. Repeatable Systems
These are extra selling points to recruit new agents and motivate existing agents on the team.
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