How To Get More Real Estate Clients – Using A CRM

Let’s Be Realistic….

I know a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software doesn’t sound sexy, but it brings in a much higher ROI than flying around trying remember it all on your own!???

Close more deals with less time chasing your tail.

Learning how to properly use a dedicated CRM for your needs isn’t very exciting. I get it. ?

We can setup and manage it for you!

Top performers take this seriously because there is just too much going on to remember every single thing about a lead / potential client / past client. 

When you are good to great, you get busier. I see a lot of agents facing growing pains. They need help, but don’t have it yet because that’s another thing they have to do. 

That means not having as much time to answer all your calls, emails and texts, let alone remember what day you talked to each person and when you need to follow up. 

I’m sure most of you still follow up, but it’s not tracked and when things get busy, timeframes get extended, things slip through the cracks and less leads turn into clients. 

If this is a numbers game, wouldn’t you want the best chance to convert more leads and referrals into clients?

A CRM takes the energy and frustration out of thinking about what to do next and allows you to know what to do next. Less Reaction and more proactive efforts that move things along.

(Follow for FREE or Hire us to Setup and Manage)

1.) Generate Exclusive Qualified Leads
2.) Lead Hand-Off From Home-base (We Can Handle or Train Staff)
3.) Quick Follow Up System (We Can Advise)
4.) Backend Lead Nurturing (We Setup To Convert More Leads Into Clients)
5.) CRM Setup / Management
6.) Pour More Leads Into The Funnel

*Bonus Items*
A. Referral Program (One That Actually Drives Action)
B. CRM Training
C. Listing Ads
D. Video Content
E. Repeatable Systems
These are extra selling points to recruit new agents and motivate existing agents on the team.
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