Real Estate Agents: The “Leads” Aren’t That Good…Or Are They Gold? ???‍♂️

Some say general leads for real estate professional aren’t that good, but what if they are?

I mean…sure there is some truth to attracting the ideal clients with the ad and targeting available…and if that isn’t on point then you are already starting off up hill.

But, that doesn’t mean everyone generating leads for real estate agents on social is doing it the same way. 

My point? Leads are just a small piece of the pie. There is much more involved with follow up and conversion than most agents want to do and that’s totally fine.

Let us do it. 

You want more opportunities that turn into clients!! I know you do.

Then why waste time with leads when we can do the heavy lifting? Be informed with what’s involved with all the different types of real estate leads in 2019 and which could be right for you.

In the video I go over:

  • Constant battle with real estate agents & marketers
  • Quality vs. outreach system 
  • A lot has to happen to get the max amount of leads converted into opps > clients 
  • Why would you want someone to do it all (hybrid)
  • Hybrid bike example. 
  • Why would you want an agent that’s better closing customer opportunities trying to close lower intent colder leads into opportunities? 
  • Win Win letting us do lead gen & outreach. You get more opportunities & clients. We get a happy client 
  • So do you want leads or opportunities?

If you are looking for more Real Estate Clients and/or looking to Recruit Agents, GET IN TOUCH!

The services we can provide will drive more deal volume and commissions to your existing team and also attract more agents because you can supply them with instant customer opportunities!

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