Real Estate “Leads” Can Actually Turn Into More Work Without The Payoff Of More Clients ??

Do you want more “leads” or more real customer opportunities?

You want more opportunities that turn into clients!! I know you do.

Then why waste time with leads when we can do the heavy lifting? Be informed with what’s involved with all the different types of real estate leads in 2019 and which could be right for you.

In the video I go over:

  • Why it can be less of an opportunity & more like assignment 
  • A whole different animal to convert these 
  • The 98 / 2 Rule 
  • The real numbers: 700, 500, 500, 10
  • Why they are less intent leads but have compounding value
  • Why you need someone to convert these for you and hand off when hot

If you are looking for more Real Estate Clients and/or looking to Recruit Agents, GET IN TOUCH!

The services we can provide will drive more deal volume and commissions to your existing team and also attract more agents because you can supply them with instant customer opportunities!

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