How To Get More Real Estate Clients – Using Video to Sell More

Agents & Brokers >> Video is KING! ???

-I’m not talking about video slideshows you create from kitchen and bath pictures of your listings
-I’m not talking about an aerial video (although cool)

I’m talking about using simple videos to connect with current and potential clients by being a HUMAN. 

The power of informal video is more popular and effective than ever!

-A video testimonial of a satisfied client
-A video of you (selfie style) in front of a great property giving your point of view and showing something high end, unique, cool, etc. really humanizes it.

Most people want to work with and be around fun, polite, intelligent and proven professionals. A video can share that in less than a minute and win over any other generic boosted post listing ad your competitors are doing. 

Even if the competitor has a better property! 

(Follow for FREE or Hire us to Setup and Manage)

1.) Generate Exclusive Qualified Leads
2.) Lead Hand-Off From Home-base (We Can Handle or Train Staff)
3.) Quick Follow Up System (We Can Advise)
4.) Backend Lead Nurturing (We Setup To Convert More Leads Into Clients)
5.) CRM Setup / Management
6.) Pour More Leads Into The Funnel

*Bonus Items*
A. Referral Program (One That Actually Drives Action)
B. CRM Training
C. Listing Ads
D. Video Content
E. Repeatable Systems
These are extra selling points to recruit new agents and motivate existing agents on the team.
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