How Effective Digital Marketing Can Increase Your Sales

Let’s get back to the basics for a second. Maybe I should call it the fundamentals. When you were a kid, did you have a sports coach that kept telling you to focus on the fundamentals? Basketball example: They told you to work on your foul shots and all you wanted to do was shoot three pointers. They told you to focus on the fundamentals because the little things do matter and as adults, we can forget it like we didn’t believe it as kids.

The three pointers are important, but if you can’t make a simple foul shot at the end of the game to win by one when the clock has run out, then the three pointers don’t matter. You still lose.

If you want more qualified customers to walk in your business that buy what you sell, they need to know you exist. 

It’s that simple.

Once they know you exist, they need to be reminded about you and to come in and purchase. Over and over in a non-annoying way. A good way to do that is to provide value with pieces of written and video content (like I am doing for you right now).

When your prospective customers think (your business niche here), we want them to think of your business even if they have never come in.

It doesn’t matter how good what you have is if people can’t find it and pay you for it. Too many businesses are relying on the prospective customer:

  1. Knowing who you are
  2. What you do
  3. What your best offers are

Not to mention where you’re located and how it can get started. 

Quick Story

Recently I was talking to someone about their new business and seeing if there is anything we could do to help. Their sales per customer ranged anywhere from $5,000-$20,000+. Let’s say an average sale was $10,000 and had decent margin. When I heard these numbers, I told them how much potential there was for us to help them with digital marketing.

It’s because there’s a lot of room to use advertising to bring new prospective customers in the door. Even if you have to spend a few thousand dollars to generate a ten-thousand-dollar customer there’s enough room to still make it profitable and scalable. 

It was a fairly new business, so they didn’t have much data on their ideal customer and how to reach them. I still asked how they were going to find new customers and get them in the door.

(A note to you: They had no real online presence. Brand new simple website, no Google or Facebook reviews, or Yelp reviews. Even the surrounding community did not know about this business because it was that new. He didn’t want to spend much on marketing until they had revenue coming in the door. I totally get you want to be able to earn revenue before you invest to make additional revenue, but the funny thing about this is a lot of people (not just this business) forget to budget for marketing. They will drop $30,000-$50,000 to start a brick and mortar business and have $0 or very little marketing to let people know it exists!)

More on this later. 

Let’s think about why digital marketing and automation is so powerful.

I’m talking about serving ads to potential customers and then remarketing to them over time. Why? 

Because your prospective customers are busy like my prospective clients (you & other business owners) 

Example: At some point you’ve probably shared an apartment or house with someone and there are some chores divided between occupants. Let’s say two people in a house and your roommate / significant other has to do weekly chores like cleaning the kitchen and taking out the trash. But they’re not that good at doing chores because of distractions and random things that come up. You constantly have to remind them. It’s not a priority for them. Regardless if it SHOULD be, it’s not. How many times do you have to remind them to do their part? More often than not, it takes more than one reminder if they don’t get it done on their own. It’s just an example of the way we’re wired as humans. We have these internal lists in our head of what’s actually important in our own moment. To think their list lines up with your agenda is totally absurd, but for some reason it makes sense in business? We wake up and think, “well, I got to do this, this and this, but the trash or figuring what store to pick to buy (your products here) isn’t going to make the cut today. 

What we are doing with marketing

Moving the action, you want them to take (come in and buy), up their list. Far enough that they take action over time.

Many business owners end up having this well thought out properly invested “thing”, but no one knows about it, so they eventually get frustrated. Maybe they try advertising to the masses where 99.9%+ don’t care and see little return there.

Fast forward a few months and they either get on board with some creative marketing or they play stubborn have to close the doors in six months later.

Back to the story I started above about the business that had an average customer sale of $10,000. 

(The new business that didn’t have an online presence or brand awareness in the area)

I asked how customers would find his business and he said,

“we’re on a busy road in a suburb”

He went on to tell me all the features and benefits of their product, service, experience and showroom. 

I asked, 

“so, all of your prospective customers in let’s say in a 20-mile radius, use this road?”

(I wasn’t trying to be a dick, but was trying to make a point)

He said no. 

I said,  

“well even if they did use this road occasionally, will it be on this specific day and time they need your products and services?”

He said no. 

I said, 

“even if there was literally one road and they had to go by it (which some towns that’s the case), they have 863 other things going on in their head. And you know they have to look at just the right time to see this place. Are they going to look 35 yards off the road to see your kind of small sign and immediately associate your new brand as the business that can solve their problems?”

He said no. 

I reminded him:

  • People aren’t always going to use this road. 
  • People aren’t going to probably see your sign 
  • People aren’t always going to be thinking of your “thing”
  • People aren’t going to know your new brand 
  • People usually do some research when making a large purchase
  • And many more challenges!

Then I said,

“the thing about our advertising is we can limit this road to only people that do need what you have instead of everyone.


We can also put your message, offer or pitch 12 inches in front of their face instead of 35 yards away. 

And by road, I mean their social media channels. And by 12 inches I mean as they scroll through social media. And by only allow people that might want what you have I mean using specific targeting that lets us weed out non interested prospective customers. 

Challenges of only relying on drive by traffic

If we solely count on the drive by traffic, I have to say that:

  • We know the sign is 35+ yards off the road 
  • It’s just a traditional sign with a little logo.
  • Because you’re new, they won’t associate that sign with what the quality in the services you offer. 
  • It’s not consistent
  • It’s not scalable

How we can beat drive by traffic

Instead of just relying the right people going by at the right time, we’re going to show them a photo or video that showcases your best products and services right before their eyes. 

He didn’t know that was possible. He understood there were forms of online advertising but didn’t know the details and how specific we could target or what we could show them.

I explained:

“We can take it a step further once these people show interest in what you have. We can automatically show them more of what you do in different ways that are going to educate them as future buyers. Education on your offers, explain the process, show where you are, and most importantly get them get in the door. We give them a reason to walk through your doors over time.”

A big challenge with more traditional forms of advertising

99.9%+ don’t care about what you have. When they hear a radio ad or see a billboard, etc. 

These can be good for brand awareness and over time I think it can be a useful strategy.

The budget has to be solid with no real return expected. You are paying for that 99.9%+ to hear your offer and not care so the .001% can hear it. Even if the budget is there to do that, you only get one touchpoint on that prospective buyer. 

If it’s radio you might get repeated airtime, but they might only hear it once.  

They also only hear one message. We are communicating multiple messages overtime that inform, entertain and sell what you have. 

To increase sales on a limited budget

It’s better to serve this awareness and follow up to people that are qualified. When you try to appeal to everybody, you appeal to no one. Sure, you’re still probably going to get some results by sheer volume but it’s just it’s going to cost a lot more like mentioned above. Remember, you pay to advertise to that 99.9%+ that don’t care to reach your .001%!

You know by now that we specialize in showing the features and benefits of your “thing” to prospective customers that will not only benefit from it, but actually care enough to respond purchase. You get way more for your money by maximizing the impact from people that are already interested. 

If we show someone an ad:

  • They click on the offer
  • They enter their information
  • We’re going to market to them over time
  • We send emails
  • We send texts
  • We show more ads that inform, entertain and encourage them to take an action step. That step could be to schedule an appointment, call for more information, stop in anytime, purchase online, etc. 

Here’s a refresher

Using digital marketing and automation you are able to visually show a prospective buyer:

  • Who you are
  • What you have
  • How it would impact their lives
  • Where you are located
  • How to take next steps
  • Much more!

All this over time with multiple points of contact. They might receive 10-15 reminders over 3-6 months that provides useful tips and entertainment. If your average prospective customer to sale cycle is less, then we would adjust to have it make sense.

When they think (your business niche here), they should think of you. 

If we compare that with someone driving by a few times we realize 

  • the sign is 35+ yards off the road 
  • the sign is not a visual showcase of the products / services
  • they are supposed to be driving so somewhat distracted 
  • they have other things on their mind
  • a call comes in 
  • etc. 

With digital marketing we can reach them in more places

  • In bed
  • On the couch
  • In the bathroom 
  • In the waiting room at doctor / dentist 
  • Car dealership waiting for maintenance
  • At the airport   
  • Waiting for a bus, cab, uber, etc.
  • Wherever they have a few minutes and want to be distracted / entertained

Let’s go through an example. Your prospective client is on the toilet they see our ad for your “thing”, and they click to enter their information and then finish up before they have time to reading whatever it is, we want them to see.

What can we do to recapture their interest and move them along the line from interested to buyer?

The next day maybe they get an email and it has a few highlights or tips around the “thing” your product does. 

If you were selling cabinets maybe:

  • We send a quick article about the top 3 things that will save you thousands when remodeling your kitchen. 
  • A few days later it’s another email showing some before after pics. 
  • Next week it’s a features and benefits email + a text with a few links going to previous email info that’s published on your page
  • The next week maybe it’s a picture of a kitchen and then a comparable virtual drawling that you did so the customer could see different styles in their actual layout with the click of a button. “come in to get your free virtual whatever”.

You get the point. This communication continues to:

  • inform them around the industry / niche your “thing” is in
  • informs them with how YOUR “thing” can benefit their situation
  • entertains them with some new cool use 
  • reminds them when they think (cabinets / your “thing”), they think of you

We weave in call to actions and incentives to act now, but also don’t overly push things because we know they are busy. We don’t say, 

“come in and buy X,Y,Z now because you said you were interested, and we want your cash today!”


We let them make the decision to come in.

We just give them a reason to do it

See the difference?

It’s on their terms. The fastest way to not get someone to take action (whether it’s a potential customer or anyone else) is to make them feel bad about how they didn’t do it already. 

That they are behind. We don’t want to relate negativity and irritation with your business, products and services. 

We want them to feel good about what you have and how working / purchasing with you is an awesome experience.

Maybe it’s a breath of fresh air compared to everything else they have going on. We want to make it EASY for them to say yes. 

The more yes’s we get over time to small things, the easier it will be during the sales process. 

  • Yes, to reading a helpful article
  • Yes, to laughing at a funny tip on what not to do when you remodel your kitchen 
  • Yes, to a friendly reminder they can set up an appointment to get a free virtual drawling
  • Yes, to an email of your unique features and benefits 
  • Yes, to an email of your return and guarantee policy to reassure a no risk sale
  • Yes, to how dedicated your customer service is 
  • Yes, Yes, Yes!

We want to keep them warm and ready so when they make the decision to come in and check out your “thing”, you are the first choice. It’s an easy yes.

Think about it, if someone is already really busy and behind on things, if you make it easy for your “thing” to be an easy choice, they will take it more often than not. 

You save them time. They already might start to think they have an “in” with you because they’ve been reading your emails, texts, blog posts, watching videos, etc. 

It’s like when we start to think we know TV characters based on what we’ve seen after countless episodes. 

With TV characters, they are playing a character and over time we think we know them. 

The “them” is usually not them, BUT when we communicate with your potential customers, we are being ourselves so when they do come in, call, or purchase, it all lines up. 

It’s congruent.

This is approach is long-term play. If you are already rolling your eyes thinking, 

“long term play! I want more sales now!”

Don’t worry. Long term play for you might mean a week to few weeks to a few months. If you are a real estate agent, it might take 6-9 months. 

A lot of it depends on your price point, how frequent a person needs what you have and so on. The great news is, doing marketing like this is similar to starting a new job. You don’t usually get paid in advance or even after the first week or so until your days build up, BUT once you are setup, the paychecks are regular. 

Once we set this up and get prospective customers into our automation for your business there will always be new people coming and ready to buy. The longer you do it the longer it compounds and the better the results. 

  • They have to know you exist. 
  • They have to know you’re really really good at service. 
  • They have to know your products are awesome. 
  • They have to know you have good reviews (social proof)
  • Then they have to know where you’re located and how they can come in. 
  • Finally, they need to speak with someone or directly purchase the item. 

Let’s do a quick exercise to get into the head of your potential customer. Let’s say they are interested in what you have, BUT let’s not forget about a little thing called life. 

Ok, it’s not a little thing. Life has a lot of challenges and even if we pretend, they REALLY need what you have….they STILL have bigger fish to fry. 

  • They just had a fight a significant other
  • The boss may be riding their ass about a deadline. 
  • They’re not worried about saving enough for retirement 
  • They are moving soon and want to make sure the kids transition into a good school 
  • They are trying to lose weight for an upcoming vacation
  • They really need to get the gutters cleaned so it doesn’t overflow behind the flashing
  • They have a friend that’s going through a divorce / breakup that needs help

With some of that (or whatever challenges they are most likely dealing with) we are trying to convince them to buy a “thing” and not just any “thing”, your thing!

We are going to remind them that when they think of (your industry), they think your business. That’s it. 

Sure, it might take two months after they respond to even come in and talk to you and then after that it might take another two months to get a sale, but that sale wouldn’t exist if we didn’t reach those people. 

The power of being able to reach someone on their phone or computer that is interested in what you have, is so huge! 

You might be wondering…

How do we try and get the highest possible quality leads / potential customers into our system?

Level 1: Setup targeting based on interests, age, sex, location etc. 

Level 2: Use the ad copy, imagery / video to show them what you have 

Level 3: Encourage a clear call to action, “click here to learn more”

Level 4: Get a click on the ad

So far, we are 4 levels passed the average person seeing your ad like a lot of traditional advertising / marketing would use. 

Level 5: They have to enter some information (name, email, cell)

Before we even send them a welcome or thank you email / text they are 5 levels past the average person. 

As we progress to 6-10 emails / texts over time they become more informed and qualified to need / want your “thing”. 

The more we increase the want / need for your thing, the higher we can move them taking action to purchase up their busy list of things to do. 

The interested prospective customers that are opening emails, responding to emails, responding to texts, seeing & engaging with social media posts about your business / “thing” are the types that finally make it into buy. 

It’s safe to say most of these people are 10 levels past the average person when they walk through your doors.

To say they are “warm” is an understatement. 

If you know somebody that has a traditional brick and mortar type business maybe even an online business and all they want to do is increase sales tell them to get in contact with us. 

If they become a paying client, we will pay you a cash referral fee. You can send them an email and cc our email with an introduction. Use this email. 

However, here’s who we don’t usually work with. 

  • Brand new businesses unless there’s a lot of potential there and or / a decent marketing budget
  • Failing businesses 
  • Businesses that have bad reviews. 

We’re looking for people that are already doing good enough to have good reviews and making good money that also understand the value of taking that success and leveraging it for more success. It’s that simple. So, if you know business owner that might be a good fit, let us know. 

Maybe it’s you!

I can take a look at the business and the types of products, the pricing, what ads are in place. Basically, an overview of the businesses online presence and see if there’s potential. 

If you read this far and have a business that you want to take to the next level, we probably need to hop on a quick call. 

Click here to find a time that works for you. 

A quick discovery call of 15-20 min allows you to tell me a little bit about your goals. Before we hop on the call I will reach out and get a little info so I can research the business online and have some recommendations. It’s completely free and no obligations or expectations. 

If you are more of a text person, then click here to email me your number. 

Our services work with businesses all over the country in a variety of different niches because with the way technology is set up. 

One day I’m talking to someone in Sacramento, California and the next it will be someone in Miami, Florida or right down the road.

If you have an international business, we can work with you as well. 

If you are working with someone else, but thinking about making a change in the future

Let’s get to know each other now so if you want a make a change later, you have options. 

If some of the things I mentioned today sound interesting and your current marketing agency hasn’t mentioned them, that could be a good sign you might want to talk to somebody else. 

I’m not the only one that can do this but I’m the one you’re reading to right now. 

Here’s something I know others won’t do for you.

Let’s say you reach out; we speak and go over your goals. It’s a good fit. You have a good product / service, decent reviews and just want to increase sales. 

If we haven’t worked in your niche before, we will do an industry analysis. 

Some past examples of this includes us analyzing at least 500 business across 15-20 states. We usually start with targeting top population cities in the US and working our way down. That allows us to see what the top businesses are doing. This takes a significant amount of time but gives us a significant edge!

A recent one I did really allowed us to go above and beyond for a client.

I saw every one of the 500 businesses

  • Website
  • Facebook page
  • Ads (if they had any)
  • Google Reviews
  • Facebook Reviews
  • Yelp Reviews 

I also looked to see if they had analytics at a certain level with Facebook on their website. I noted some other random things as well. Those could be a really nice website, offer, ad, etc. 

Why should you care? 

Well, you don’t have to care, but if you want to increase sales and for us to do our thing, we really get to know what your industry is doing so we can be at the top. 

If you want mediocrity or worse, talk to someone else.

A lot of times, the largest businesses (by reviews, how nice their site is, multiple locations) are ones that are running some form of online advertising and analytics. 

We don’t try an reinvent the wheel. We try to figure out what is working already and make it better in our approach with your growth. 

You now know that we know what’s going on with your competition and beyond after an analysis.

We will know where the top businesses are in your space and what they are doing (within reason). 

If you are still reading this and have a business that is doing pretty good, but you want to increase sales, get in touch with us.

If you are reading this far and you don’t have a business that is a good fit, I bet you know someone that does. Have them get in touch with us or better yet, introduce with email. If they turn into a paying client, we will pay you a cash referral bonus. 

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