Why We Will Exceed Reasonable Limits & Standards For You!

If there’s somebody else that’s reached out to do work for your business and they seem more passionate about it than us, I would be very surprised. We started as a small bootstrapped agency using the skills we acquired while growing our other businesses.

(Note on picture: This was me taking time to tweak a clients project while on vacation, while on the beach. I knew opening my computer on the beach wasn’t a good idea, but it had to be done!)

So, instead of just using the skills we acquired to grow our businesses, we now use them to get results for clients as well.

Our service is very personal. I didn’t realize this until be started to get feedback from other clients in our app development company. The common theme I’ve seen over the years in various businesses like Mobile App Development, Software, Marketing for App Developers, Ecommerce, and Now Digital Marketing is we always start out using the skills we acquired building our own businesses before we ever sell them as a service to others. 

We created apps for 5 years before ever starting a development shop to build apps for others while still creating own. In that time, we got the lay of the land, had several category hit apps, generated over a million downloads, sold dozens of apps and so on. 

The same goes for providing software and services for other app developers while still promoting our own apps. We got experience on our own dime and time so when a client needed something built, we could show them the best way to proceed (based on our experience). 

Digital marketing is something we got involved in (you might guess) to grow the businesses above. 

We spent 5 years building apps, software, courses and other products to then spend 3 years of digital marketing to promote them. 

I sold most of my apps / software in 2018 and realized MARKETING was the common dominator for my successes and failures. With both the good and bad, all previous endeavors included tests that helped me figure out what worked. I spent a lot of my own money on marketing to generate revenue for our apps and software. Marketing allowed me grow quickly and most importantly, learn by doing. I spent more than an expensive 4-year degree would cost now. You could say I paid for my education while earning a living.

(Funny note: This “education” probably cost 4x what my actual bachelors degree cost)

So, before we spent a dollar on marketing for an outside business (clients), we had already spent over $100,000 of our own cash doing the same things. Depending on the size of your company or budget that might seem like nothing. It also may seem like a lot!

To us it was a lot because it was our own money and we were bootstrapped.

After amassing feedback, we’ve found the type of service we provided across different businesses in niches is very personal. 

For example, if you have a question about an ad or landing page, we are creating, I might send a 3-5 minute video of me talking and going through it on my computer and you can visually see what’s going on.

At this stage we are not a type of company that’s going to 

  • Have 16 meetings
  • Go get a bunch of gloss prints made 
  • Then invite you to come over to the office 
  • Then go to lunch
  • Spend the other half a day on review

Just to go over one thing.


Because time is money and because we are informal and fast, we want to get you results from the start and over time we can make things more elaborate. That is why at the bottom of our website homepage we list a lot of available services. 

In addition to our featured services which are: Lead generation / Customer Acquisition, Sales Optimization & Marketing Automation we also provide these:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Pay Per Click
  • Analytics
  • Brand Awareness
  • Mobile App Development
  • Direct Mail
  • Promotional Marketing
  • More! 

The reason we don’t push the longer list of services is because a lot of times the featured services:

Lead Gen, Sales Optimization and Marketing Automation are more than enough to generate results. It might not even take all 3 if you already have some great things in place. 

The bigger list of services are mostly longer term plays in that once you get results from our initial projects you will be comfortable to reinvest in more growth.

Things like SEO, Brand Awareness, App Development, Promotional Marketing, Content Marketing and so on…take time. 

If you want to increase sales for next month or even next week, we can usually achieve that with Lead Gen, Sales Optimization and Marketing Automation.

If you are still with me, I’m sure you get the point by now.

The skills to provide our services to you and other businesses are ones we use on our projects too!

I can bring up a business website and see very quickly if it’s something we can help you with. Not necessarily the website, but your goal to increase sales. Looking at the website is to gauge if you are already doing pretty good, have decent reviews, etc.

We are performance driven and if we can’t get you results, I don’t want to waste my time. 

I also don’t want to waste your time for two or three months knowing that it’s just going to end badly or just fizzle out. That’s the opposite of a bunch of other agencies that will take a client even if it’s not a good fit.

I have friends with businesses and they’re not really a good fit for what we do, but they forward me marketing emails all time in of people that are doing things like SEO and web development. Those are nice services to provide. 

BUT those are going be the types of agencies that have

  • tons of staff 
  • tons of meetings 
  • tons of overhead 
  • lots of delays 
  • are hard to get a hold of 
  • a tendency to let things drag on five or six times longer than they need to 

What does this mean for you?

Those delays get them to the next month that you owe them a payment. A lot of the results that they try to get you are also geared to take longer.

If they forecast it will take 3-6 months to achieve some results and they get there in 3, they might not tell you that because look at the large overhead expenses and know the profit from your account doesn’t kick in until month 4. 

It can be kind of a gamut. There are a lot of ways to frame it that you basically have to pay somebody for a period of time to get mediocre results that eventually will lead in you leaving because you can’t get in contact or come up with new plans with the person. They already received their profit from you and their model would probably suggest that you’re going to leave in a month after you start to get irritated and they don’t care because they’ve already started the process over with 10 other people. 

I am not in any way trying to bash traditional marketing and SEO type companies. I’m saying there’s a lot of people that play up on the things I just said. There’s a lot of great ones. There’s a lot of people that offer 10-15 different services. That means they’re going to have a lot of people to provide those services which means the service isn’t cheap.

You don’t always need 10 things to be done or to pay 6-12 months of SEO to get more sales.

We can hop on the phone today and I can come up with a plan for your goals. 

A few days later we can be running advertising that’s generating sales.

If it’s a longer type play to sell a product over time, we can be running advertising to get people into the pipeline to get sales in a month or two. It really depends on your sales cycles. 

I’m not trying to reinvent the wheel. 

I’ll ask you:

What is your average revenue per customer?

What are your top selling products? 

A lot of times we ask these questions first and do some research of our own to make sure what you think is your top products or best to promote actually are.

This will also depend on what our market analysis shows us.

If you don’t know your sales cycle, we find how long’s it typically going to take to turn somebody in for you know a prospect to somebody that buys.

We don’t try to complicate things. If it takes a month from when somebody hears about you from when they come buy or sit down for an appointment, we will play on that. 

Quick Visual:

The guy on the bottom is digging and he quits right before he hits diamonds. The guy on the top keeps going and he finds diamonds. The funny thing is the guy on the bottom that quits is like an inch away from making it. 

What does this have to do with you?

Well in general, being a successful business owner, you must have overcome plenty of obstacles to get where you are. Being positive and persevering through tough times is a must. 

(Even if you don’t have much to show for it in the moment)

On a more specific level, let’s think about bringing in new customers. 

Most people’s potential customer outreach is going stop after maybe one or two attempts. People are busy. I’ve mentioned this. It’s a numbers game and it’s persistence and over time we move your brand and products from something small into a need that is desired in that prospect’s mind. 

We increase that desire. Maybe it’s for your actual product / service, but it’s probably more about the benefits that product or service will have on their life.

They may not realize it, but it doesn’t mean it’s not true.

Moving your “thing” up their list is usually not going to happen on the first try. Maybe if you are the only business in the area that can provide / sell this product or service, but I bet you aren’t. 

Depending on your niche, there’s five hundred other people in the top 30 cities that can do it and there’s probably another 3,500+ businesses across the U.S. that can do it. 

We’re trying to make sure that they associate your products and service with (your niche here). 

We then influence what products and services of yours they should want. 

The types of products that are in right now + high quality AND have good profit margin for you.

These are the types of products (or services) that you’ve seen people come back and say,

“oh, I wish we would have got (product here)”.

We influence the customer into a decision that they’re going to love instead of them having to start from zero.  It’s an educational process with some marketing sprinkled in.

It might be an intimidating to pick the right product or service in your business, especially if they don’t have any experience or it’s a high-ticket item.

We’re going to inform them of what they should probably buy based on other people and if they don’t like those things great. But here’s the starting point. 

If you can’t see at this point, how ingrained what I’m talking about can be in your business…all without you having to do anything then, you’re crazy!

It might sound stupid to say that but it’s the truth. 

What I’m saying is the reason I’ve been able to sit at my desk and type this long post is because I love this stuff and the potential is nuts. My biggest challenge right now is not on how we can provide service for businesses or how we can find profitable niches to prospect in. 

Our biggest challenge at this stage of this business is to break through the barrier and get somebody like you to “hear” what I have to say. 

There’s so many people pitching marketing, SEO, lead generation. 

The problem I’d have with the average company pitching me is they either haven’t spent their own money to learn how to do it they have too high of overhead costs, so their actual interests are ahead of the prospective client. 

They don’t do the research to figure out really how to get the best results for you.

There’s so much noise right now in marketing that it’s hard to break through. This is true on multiple fronts.

  • Marketing to businesses 
  • Marketing to marketers 
  • Marketing on how to market to businesses  

I need to find ways to reach more awesome businesses that we can knock it out of the park for. 

Some of these agencies will take on any type of client.  They will pitch you on a bunch of services you don’t need to get a monthly retainer 

They might take a look at a crappy business website and then pitch them on web development string it out. 

I know after quickly looking at somebody’s site and talking to the sales team about their process that their website nothing more than to just have a website. 

 In some industries they don’t really even need a good Web site. Sometimes the Facebook page Yelp page group home page is more trafficked than their actual page. They just have it cause somebody else pitched them 10 years on a Web site it hasn’t been updated. It’s important to be able to talk to the decision makers and understand what it is they’re trying to achieve and just build on that and roll with it. 

You might not even need a new website, but instead a landing page that we can create very quickly for almost nothing other than our time.

It might mean less revenue for us but what it’s going to mean is a more satisfied customer over time and recommendations to other businesses. 

The real opportunity for us is to simplify what you actually need and get the results you want. 

I mean if you come to me and you say, “hey we want to increase sales and here’s how we want to do it”. 

I’ll listen, but I will ask a few simple questions that start by getting at your desired result and recommending a different approach if necessary.

The upside?

If we pitch a strategy that saves you 80% of what you thought it would cost and gets results in half the time, you will be ecstatic. 

If we try and it doesn’t work the way you want, we can do your way next and charge you a whole lot more.

Let’s say you want to increase sales by $20,000 a month to start

(add or remove zeros depending on your size). 

You tell me your average order size is $4,000. 

Then I look at your website I see you don’t have the analytics I would use; you are not running ads and overall, the site is outdated.  

  • Your Facebook page has like no likes and
  • You never post
  • No one follows
  • You don’t have a YouTube channel
  • You don’t have Instagram
  • Overall, you are missing out on things that could aid in sales

I look through and basically your brick and mortar business is good & well received but has no online presence.

You have solid google reviews somehow and your quality is good & your customer service is good. 

If everything’s good but your online presence is ugly, I am not going to waste my time and say,  

“I need to do a new Web site I need to install these types of tools. I need to complicate your life and I need to empty out your bank account”.

What I am going to say is,

“OK you want to increase your revenue by $20,000 a month which means we need 5 orders of $4,000 (your average sale per customer).

(Again, math is just an example here)

You need 5 more orders. Your website (no offence), is shit. 

I don’t want to have to rebuild it right now.

I don’t want to have to get it ranked. 

I don’t want to have to go back and forth for 3-6 months and keep telling you that literally this is an algorithm type thing on Google and it’s out of our control based on the things we’ve done. It’s not going to happen overnight.

I don’t want to waste my time with it. It’s a very non-performance driven and not exciting

So, what I would say instead is (again no offense), your website and online presence is shit, but I can fix that, and I can do it without having to create everything from scratch.

I would propose that I use the different tools and software that I already have setup. I’d use them to make landing pages and videos out of anything you have already or piece together a budget video or ad with. 

Remember that I don’t need to:

  • fix your shitty website 
  • fix your online presence as a whole.
  • get your Web site ranked for a blog post on five things that you need to think about before XYZ related to your product. 

All I need to do is get you 5 new customers this month and generate $20,000 dollars in sales. 

That’s all I have to do. So why would I want to do all that other stuff and have to charge you $5,000 to $15,000 for a new Web site. 

Honestly, yes, we could redesign your Web site and there are ways to do it that are not too complicated. But those are after the fact type things. If we are able to generate these 5 new customers a month and generate $20,000 a month in extra sales, you will be happy.

You’ll also understand that your shitty web site is still there and you’re still increasing revenue. So, regardless of what you think or somebody else said about your site, you’re still generating more revenue without a fancy update. So maybe after a few months you say, 

“Yeah, you know what…we could invest a little bit of money in this web site so it kind of looks a little bit more professional. We’ve been making good money and we have the budget for it”

If on day one I’d quoted 5-15k to redesign your website, you might have walked away. Instead we want to get you results. At the start we don’t want you to put money into something that isn’t directly going to generate revenue tomorrow or next month.

By us keeping it simple to generate leads that then turn into interested people to appointments to sales you will be happier.

We don’t focus on the things that you don’t need right now. 

So that’s the BIG difference. 

If you have read this far and you have a business that’s doing well, but you want to take to the next level, email us by clicking here

You probably now know how ridiculously crazy I am about this stuff. I’m a pretty reasonable guy running a pretty reasonable business here that doesn’t want to find a way to get more of YOUR MONEY. 

I want to find a way to get you more results which is the direct opposite of what a lot of other traditional marketing companies with huge overhead and have pretty pretty web sites want. They might have a really good looking person that comes and sits down wearing in a suit and telling you all the stuff they can do and that you need to at once to get results.

We want to get you the results you desire for the least amount of money invested.

That’s literally all we have to do

Do you want to have to make a bunch of decisions on your site redesign even if we don’t need it to get you your results?

I doubt it. Down the line if you want somebody to build a website for you. Sure, we could probably do it. We would only do something like that because you are already comfortable working with us, and you want us to do it rather than somebody else that comes in.

We’ve done this before. If a happy client is going give their money away to do something like that, they want to give us. I mean that’s a hell of a lot better of a position to be in even if we can flat out say hey you don’t need to do anything on your site. 

“Right now, we’re getting you 5 new customers a month you’re getting and extra $20,000 than before we started.”

Sure, they will probably hand over $5,000 to $10,000 for a Web site after a few months. And sure, we would probably take it if it makes any sense at all. But if it doesn’t, we’ll say it doesn’t. And if they say OK you know we get it but we kind of want everything to match. Fine. Sure, we’ll do it. We’ll take your money will knock it out of the park for way less than anybody else would do it for you and you’ll be happy, and we’ll continue to get you our extra 5 sales a month.

Usually they move on to saying they want an extra 10 or 15 sales a month now that they see how it works.

I’m sure you get the point. 

If you have any questions let us know and if you know anybody that has a business we could help, introduce us.

We’ll pay some cash for a referral if they become a client.

By the time we’re on the phone talking or you are reading this, we are past the point of looking like everyone else. 

The challenge for us is to break through the noise and talk to / connect with more people like you. 

By the time you or other businesses owners like you read this, you better believe that we put a whole lot of effort for that to happen.

That’s showing sort of the type of edge that we have over here. 

When I said edge above… 

The “O” in OMarketer marketer actually stands for Outlandish Marketer. 

The definition of Outlandish that we associate ourselves with is to:

Exceeding reasonable limits and standards. 

Who the hell else would spend this long talking about marketing to people that didn’t even ask to hear about it?

The people that are reading this or that had the chance to listen to this message are exceeding reasonable limits and standards themselves. Either to get where they are, currently in their efforts or both.

Others mighthave been burned by a marketing company once, they tried radio a few years ago and it sucked, and they will never find this post. They think all marketers are bad.

They might not even open the e-mail or message from us telling them about our services. 

They might not even have up to date contact information in a place on their old website or social media where we would be able to reach out to them and send this over. That’s why we hope that you will recommend us after we know it out of the park for you.

Just like I said the idea of how many people we have to attempt to contact to get to the point to where we’re on the phone with them should show the difference in an average type of outreach or company that could do work for you in us. The effort we have to put into just getting on the phone with somebody is crazy. 

I understand it’s a numbers game. I understand we have to set ourselves apart. It’s part of the challenge. All those same things that we’ve done in the past to market our apps or software or other services are the same things that I have to do to get on the phone or in front of a potential business that is a good fit for us. 

All that goes into the types of things we would do for you 

I explained what we would do how we would do it. It’s not a secret. We’re not coming in and saying hey we’re a secret source marketing LLC. “Well we’ll go over the top for you”.

Then you ask how, and we say, “Well we can’t really give that up because we have some conflicting interests, we have a few other clients”.

That’s not us. I just told you how in this long post. 

The difference?

We would be putting your interests in front of our interests.

Sure, we want your money if it’s a good fit and we can get you results. Sure, we want to grow and get more clients 

But I don’t think most people are going to go through the type of research and the outreach and the processes and the tools that we will to find the right clients.

Just a note.

If you’re not a great business and your customers aren’t satisfied with what you provide, I don’t want you as a client.

I don’t want to help promote you because eventually it’s going to catch up to both of us. It’s going to hurt my chance to be able to succeed for you because even if our offers are awesome, our persistence is on point, and we know how to get people in the door. 

A certain percentage of those people are already know that you have a bad rep in the community which means I’m going to get way less sales which means you’re not going to value what we do. 

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