Why your Online “Leads” Are Not Responding

I was going to start this post out by saying something like, “assuming you are doing x,y,z correct…this is what you should be doing on top of that.

I’m not sure about you, but sometimes assuming things can backfire. It happened to me just yesterday with something else.

So…I’m not going to assume you know what x,y,z, are and by doing that you won’t have certain things left out that could in fact be the reason why your Online leads (like Facebook) aren’t answering, purchasing or responding.

This post is not intended to serve value to other Marketers on the tactics they need to use for their clients. That’s an entirely different business these days and I am not part of that business.

It’s intended for business owners that want results and don’t really care about the techno babel bullshit I’d love to go into.

I love marketing and getting results for businesses, but that doesn’t mean these businesses need to waste time understanding how and why we do what we do.

They usually have a goal like:

“Increase sales by $12,000 per month so we can hire another employee and buy additional equipment to produce inventory ahead of time, so we don’t run out during our peak sales months”

So instead of writing a specific example for that business owner to understand what we suggest they do when they don’t have the time to do it anyway is a waste of time. That’s why they hire us.

I could go into a lot of details on the software tools we use, how they integrate with each other and why.

BUT, like I said, this isn’t a post for marketers to brush up on the latest tactics to serve their clients.

Now that we have that out of the way I can focus on the results businesses want and today that’s:

Getting your leads to respond to the offer they so Cleary responded to originally.

It shouldn’t be that difficult to get someone to take action when they spend time filling out a form or getting in contact with you right?

Correct. It SHOULDN’T be that difficult, but it usually is for the majority.


First, sometimes people are just difficult to deal with.

​Second, It’s a numbers game.

What a business (like you) thinks a sufficient follow up amount is compared to what a marketing / sales company​ thinks is sufficient is WAY DIFFERENT.

We understand that. A lot of Marketing companies don’t and because of that, their clients (you) don’t get great results. 

This is especially true for agencies that specialize in lead generation.

They think because they generated the “lead” for you it’s not their problem to follow up to nurture, inform and start to sell the lead on your services and products.

According to the deal they worked out, it may not technically be their job or responsibility, but it quickly can become their problem.


Because if they don’t produce results for you, you won’t keep paying them. If that happens enough, they won’t have a business.

Different industries and business types require a variety of approaches. That’s why we do our research.

Most of the time if we are starting to run ads and help you increase your sales and brand awareness in an area, we will research 500 other business in 15-20 states to see what’s going on in your niche. 500 gives us a decent sample size.

We then compare that to our other data and figure out a plan.

It might take 6-7 touch points for a lead of yours to call you and set an appointment over the course of 2 weeks.  So, you calling once while they are at work and getting frustrated isn’t going to get it done. 

Since we know your job is probably crazy busy and most staff in a small business (including the owner) doesn’t have time to follow up 6-7 times. 

You probably say to yourself, “Screw it! This isn’t working! If they want what we have, they will call.”

​Sure, some will and they are awesome! But the majority of people have more important things going on in their lives day to day that getting into your business isn’t going to make the cut. Sorry.

That’s why we keep following up with touch points. 

What is a touch point? Could be a text, call, email, etc. 

It’s not like we call them 6-7 times, but when they enter our system, they are going to get a pre written & pre-timed sequence of text and emails. I know I said 6-7, but it’s usually at least 10 touch points over a month or two. We see conversions somewhere around 6+. So, if you reach out and follow up any less than 6 times, well…..you’re probably not getting much response. 

​Or the response you are getting is, “I’m busy at work, home, gym, driving, etc.”​

With other businesses we’ve run ads for​ , they ​usually ​tell us a story of someone else that ran ads and the quality was low or the costs were too high.

Then they go on to explain that when they tried to reach out to these leads to confirm an appointment or close a sale, they couldn’t get them on the phone.

The longer this goes on the more frustrated the person who is reaching out to these leads gets.

The more frustrated they get, the less they try.

Can I add that this person didn’t have to do this before the ads started running so this added work is not a pleasure because there often times isn’t anything EXTRA in it for them.

A few days later this person says, ”no one is answering, or they are at work and can’t talk”.

Maybe this person is you. Maybe it’s someone on the staff. 

What are you to do next?

​I’d say you need to start getting 6-10 touch points on every lead and if you can’t, find someone who can, or your leads won’t convert as high as they could. 

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