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How To Get More Real Estate Clients – Hot Referrals With Incentives

Want Hot Real Estate Referals? ???? I know you are already thinking….”I already get referrals”. I’m not talking about your co-worker’s brother’s neighbor Jim. Let me explain how to get more of them then you thought possible. Using a little incentive, some video content and automation you can turn 1 satisfied client into an evergreen supplier […]

How To Get More Real Estate Clients – Using A CRM

Let’s Be Realistic…. I know a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software doesn’t sound sexy, but it brings in a much higher ROI than flying around trying remember it all on your own!??? Close more deals with less time chasing your tail. Learning how to properly use a dedicated CRM for your needs isn’t very exciting. […]

How To Get More Real Estate Clients – Nurturing Leads With Value

I’m not talking about putting a lead into your CRM to know when you should follow up with text, email, phone, fb messenger, etc. I’m talking about having them put into a content automation that serves them VALUE!  (The CRM side of things is talked about in another video. Click here to check it out. […]

How To Get More Real Estate Clients – Generate Exclusive Qualified Leads!

I hear a lot of agents talking about wanting more clients but not having much luck with Zillow, Trulia, Realtor and other similar platforms. The reason? Non exclusivity, high competition and high costs.  Not to mention the challenges with dealing with new incoming leads while juggling current clients. Showings, Closings, Open Houses, Constant Emails / […]

How To Get More Real Estate Clients – Complete Strategy

If you would like to acquire more real estate clients for yourself or a team, but are too busy to make it happen, then we can help. This includes buyer and seller leads. I go over some important points in the video. You can choose to implement them yourself or bring us in to setup […]

Social Media Management vs. Social Media Advertising

I see a lot of misinformation about these topics so I wanted to shed some light on the differences and you can decide what is best for your business. The above picture should give you a preview of where I’m headed with this post. Do you want more likes or more sales? Focusing on more sales […]

Why We Will Exceed Reasonable Limits & Standards For You!

If there’s somebody else that’s reached out to do work for your business and they seem more passionate about it than us, I would be very surprised. We started as a small bootstrapped agency using the skills we acquired while growing our other businesses. (Note on picture: This was me taking time to tweak a […]

How Effective Digital Marketing Can Increase Your Sales

Let’s get back to the basics for a second. Maybe I should call it the fundamentals. When you were a kid, did you have a sports coach that kept telling you to focus on the fundamentals? Basketball example: They told you to work on your foul shots and all you wanted to do was shoot […]

Why your Online “Leads” Are Not Responding

I was going to start this post out by saying something like, “assuming you are doing x,y,z correct…this is what you should be doing on top of that. I’m not sure about you, but sometimes assuming things can backfire. It happened to me just yesterday with something else. So…I’m not going to assume you know […]